Restaurant Saba in Milan

In the Porta Venezia area, the very best of Eritrean and Ethiopian tradition where sharing and conviviality are the key words

Saba restaurant, in the Porta Venezia area, pivot of the ethnic cuisine in Milan, offers typical dishes of the African tradition such as zighini and spriss. Low dark wooden tables and warm colors create a soft atmosphere.

Here you eat with your hands and the only piece of cutlery available is the ingera, a sort of crêpes that helps collecting the meat and vegetables generously served in a single dish to share.

The most requested dish is the spriss (minced beef savoured with onions and spices served with saffron vegetables and lentils). You can choose between the less spicy version (white spriss) and very spicy one (red spriss).

And then you can try the dhoro wot, a savory chicken stew with lentils and boiled egg crumbled all over it. Other special treats are sambusa and kategna, which are rolls stuffed with meat or lentils. At the end of the meal, you can sip black tea and anisette to accompany the puff pastry and dried fruit desserts.

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