Restaurant New York Meneghina in Milan

The Milanese cuisine meets the gastronomy Made in USA in a restaurant with an international calling

Cross the street and find yourself in the Big Apple. It's what happens at the New York Meneghina restaurant, where the Milanese and American culture meet creating an innovative mix of new blends.

The location mirrors the mood of the futuristic context where it is set: in the Palazzo Regione Lombardia, just meters away from the Porta Nuova area and its modern skyscrapers.

The chef Stefano Barbareschi offers a menu of milanese specialties, revisited with an American touch. It ranges from risotto with onion, cotechino and Grana Padano chips to spaghetti with Californian spot prawns, artichokes and powder of milanese michetta (a typical bread), and also veal cheek with American mashed potatoes.

But there's more: fresh homemade desserts such as muffins and cheese cakes, served directly from the bakery inside the restaurant.

The easy dinner is not to be missed out during the happy-hour. On Sunday, instead, it's brunch time.

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