Restaurant Miyako in Milan

All-you-can-eat Japanese cuisine

Located in a side street of Corso Buenos Aires, the Japanese restaurant Miyako is a cosy and comfortable place with dark woods interiors, suffused lights and Japanese booths.

The restaurant offers two kinds of menus: all-you-can-eat and à la carte. Not only do they include sushi and sashimi, but also hot dishes and a wide range of vegetarian choices.

The ramen, the typical noodle soup, is prepared in three different ways: in a miso soup (made of soy), in katsuobushi broth (tuna) or in a consommé made of konbu seaweed. Another extra specialty is the shabu shabu: beef and vegetables cutlets cooked in a boiling “white” broth with rice and soy spaghetti. Japanese beers, sake, teas (green and jasmine tea) and red and white wines are the perfect accompaniment to the dishes.