Restaurant Mics in Milan

Roman fusion style tapas and finger pizza to taste in a particular shabby chic place

A shabby chic atmosphere, informal and original. With chairs hanging from the ceiling, brick walls and vintage details, at MICS it's easy to feel good.

The innovative concept of “roman fusion” delights the guests with treats and dishes that revisit the traditional roman cuisine. Pizzas, pies, and baked products take new shapes and become tapas.

Don't miss out on strufolini, canottini and chicche: some treats made with the classic pizza romana's dough, with little yeast and without animal fats.

They are filled with typical products such as pumpkin flowers and mozzarella, smoked provola and speck. Also, there are roman dishes such as the amatriciana pasta, flavoured with tomatoes and de-greased cheek lard. Last but not least, don't miss out on the zucchini pie, the original MICS kebab and the homemade dessert.

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