Restaurant Ghea in Milan

In the Porta Genova area, the green style meets the vegan cuisine

Bright, delicate and cosy, Ghea is a vegan restaurant completely devoted to the natural cuisine, where food is ment to be a nourishment for the body as much as the soul.

Here you can find organic products, seasonal and fat-free. A relaxing place, open every day of the week, perfect for a dinner, an original weekly buffet lunch or a well-balanced weekend lunch.

In the menu you can find slices of herb marinated beetroot stuffed with dried fruit, pine nut sauce and leek sprouts; original falafel of blue sweet peas with chives and chili peppers, broccoli sauce and aioli; light tempura of seasonal vegetables with turmeric maionese, lemon elly and radish leaves. The desserts and the fresh pasta are homemade.

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