Restaurant Da Noi In in Milan

A secret garden in the middle of Tortona district

In the middle of Tortona district you don't expect to find a secret garden like in a fairy tale. It's true and it's called Da Noi In, the restaurant inside Magna Pars Suites Milano, the ultimate five stars hotel à parfum. Surrounded by the green, you can eat both fish and meat, fine dishes which reinterpret with a light and contemporary touch the Italian tradition. The chef Fulvio Siccardi signs colorful and aromatic food composition that will delight you, from the funny "uovo in gabbia" (egg with truffles and a milky cream) to the fresh pasta homemade, from the sea crudité to the black cod with polenta. For a sweet moment, don't miss the "Cioccolatomania", a real journey through chocolate.