Restaurant Bon Wei in Milan

The new elegance of Chinese cuisine, for a polished sensorial experience

A plunge in a new China, red and sparkling. Radiant as the varnished panels that cover the walls of Bon Wei restaurant, managed by Yike Weng and his elegant wife Wang Pei, both from the Zhejiang.

The result is a charming gourmet corner, where you can taste the dishes of the chinese high cuisine which revisits the tradition with a contemporary turn. The menu is a tasty journey from the North to the South-West, exploring also the famous Sichuan province, among sweet-and-sour flavours, slightly or strongly spicy.

The offers ranges from sea food rolls to Vietnamese rolls, served on salad leaves and fresh mint, stuffed with pork meat, vegetables, spaghetti and soy sprouts.

Don't miss out on the Pechinese duck, the abalone soup with chinese mushrooms, bmboo and chives and the special turbot fish cooked with vegetable in black soy.