Restaurant Anadima in Milan

A romantic bistro in the Navigli district specialized in cheese and wine tasting

If you love wine and cheese, Anadima is the perfect restaurant for you. It is a lovely bistro in French style, located in the Navigli district. It is specialized in Italian and French cheeses, it has a good wine list with 300 label and more than 60 artisanal beers always available.

Breton galette, crêpe with buckwheat, is the speciality of the house. There are different fillings, such as the Complète one, with ham, Edamer cheese and fried egg. Moreover, you can order a hamburger made with Italian beef, and if you like you can ask for a veggie burger prepared with potatoes and spinach. Looking for italian dishes? Try the fusilli avellinesi con mousse di melanzana, pomodorini and burrata, that is pasta with eggplant cream, cherry tomatoes and creamy mozzarella.