Restaurant Al Ficodindia in Milan

The noble tradition and the light savors of the Sicilian cuisine

It' a real corner of Sicily that you can find at Al Ficodindia. A cosy and intimate dining-room in "Gattopardo style", where you can taste a genuine and modern Sicilian cuisine. "We have revisited and lightened the tradition", says the owner Daniela Di Blasi.

You will be welcomed by an entry of chickpea panelle and wine, and then you will plunge into the Mediterranean waters. What to try? Typical pasta as the busiate with Trapani pesto and the fish cous cous.

An then again, prawns with potatoes, pasta alla Norma, octopus, tuna and Mazara del Vallo red prawns. To end on a sweet note, you can choose the cassata and the traditional cannolo siciliano. The selected wines all come from Sicily and pleasantly accompany lunch or dinner.