La balera dell'Ortica in Milan

Homey atmosphere and local cuisine in the heart of the Ortica district

Balera dell'Ortica is in the heart of the homonymous district in the city of Milan will reserve you an homey atmosphere, good music and local cuisine from Romagna and from Abruzzo regions.

Everything in the middle of a vintage market and a boules court. Young designers, ladies dressed with extravagant or retro look and families with children or just veteran of the district. Here you can really feel home.

Dance house during winter (here you can learn how to dance swing or boogie woogie), regional dishes, vintage and handmademarkets: rather than a place, Balera dell'Ortica is a way of living.

Do no forget "Trattoria mamma Rita”: a daily menu based on seasonal and traditional dishes which tell you about Italy. From pasta and beans to lasagna trough arrosticini with potatoes.

What's for Thursday? Gnocco fritto, strictly homemade. And Sunday? French toast, mozzarella cheese, scrambled or fried eggs, sponge cake with jam or maple syrup for feeling so gourmand. The brunch is served every Sunday from 11 a.m. up to 3.30 p.m. Restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday starting from 8 p.m. Bowling and bar are always open, even on Mondays.

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