Armani/Bamboo Bar in Milan

Light and luxury in the lounge bar with the unique Armani style

The Armani/Bamboo Bar opens among lights, innovative perspectives and ancient noble buildings, in the beating heart of the trendiest area of Milan. The latest Milanese creation by Giorgio Armani, the king of fashion, overlooks the city by the seventh floor of the prestigious Hotel Armani.

Every day, at sunset, the happy hour is marked by the chef's special touch in preparing tasty finger food. Behind his stage/bar, the bartender signs cocktails that interpret the city and pay it homage.

Sundays are elegant and delicious in the lounge and the restaurant. Brunch lovers can enjoy the delicacies prepared by the chef, among thematic isles, desserts and dishes included in the menu, surrounded by the light that seeps in from the wide windows that frame the rooms.